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BandwagonHost VPS Review -Cheap SSD VPS 256 MB RAM Only $2.99/m

BandwagonHost is self-managed SSD VPS hosting Provider, They are owned and operated by IT7 Networks Inc. IT7 has been in operation since 2004.They offer cheap SSD VPS ,which run on KiwiVM, a secure control panel developed in-house.

The location of the server where is hosted was determined as: San Francisco, United States.BandwagonHOST’s new Florida location is online. All nodes at this location come with RAID-10 SSD storage.

BandwagonHost VPS is charging monthly And $2.99 is the mininum mornthly payment .

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BandwagonHost Price and Packages

There are 6 packages provided by Bandwagonhost .For instance, The VPS 10 GB SSD RAID-10 Disk Space,256 MB RAM,500 GB Transfer is $2.99 USD Monthly.They accept Paypal, Credit Card and AliPay with 30-day money back guarantee.

Create a VPS on BandwagonHost

Step 1 The first thing you will need to do is signup for a BandwagonHost VPS.

Step 2  Then Go to “My Services ”-“Order New Services”.

Step 3  Click “Order Now ”. There is BandwagonHost VPS KiviVM.

BandwagonHost VPS Review

BandwagonHost’s Network is fast and has enough bandwith to all locations I need.

Their control panel (KiviVM) is great, clear and offers a lot of features.

My conclusion

The support of BandwagonHost is very friendly and great.I cannot say anything bad about BandwagonHost.They quickly respond to support tickets.

BandwagonHost additional IPv4 addresses are charged at $1 each per month. Instant rDNS update is available in BandwagonHost from control panel.

All BandwagonHost VPS come with tun/tap already activated. See more Cheap VPS hosting  just like:

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