NS1.com Free DNS Hosting supports AXFR , Secondary DNS and free MONITORING

Choosing a reliable DNS hosting provider is critical because it can affect everything from the redundancy of your website, speed, and even security.Howsvps recommend using 2 different DNS providers (primary and secondary) to ensure your website is fully redundant.

Most of big domain registrar companies like GoDaddy, NameCheap, Name, etc. provide free DNS hosting. However, using third-party DNS servers has its own advantage. They are more reliable, redundant and mostly have several servers located around the globe.

NS1.com is a data driven DNS provider with speeds faster than many other top-tier providers,founded by a team of hardcore infrastructure geeks.Launched in 2013, NS1 has been providing DNS services to Imgur, Yelp, Max CDN, OpenX, Collective and imgIX.


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What’s NS1.com Free DNS Hosting?

NS1’s cloud-based Managed DNS solution delivers the capabilities and speed to improve application performance and drive your business further, faster.NS1’s Free plan – up to 500 thousand queries and 50 records,and supports AXFR and Secondary DNS.


How to Create a NS1.com account?

1.NS1.com :

Go to website:https://ns1.com/

2.Creating a new account with NS1 is quick and easy.Click’Free Trial ’,and Set Up Username ,Email .


3.Sign up with NS1.com Successully .


4.To begin, log in to the NS1 customer portal,you can see Dashboard ,Zones,Monitors.



1.Navigate over to the Zones section of the NS1 portal, and click “Zones “.


2.There are three methods to add zone .Manual setup:Create an empty zone, add your own records .Zone file import:Import a BIND-compatible zone file .Secondary zone:Configure NS1 as secondary DNS.


3.Enter your domain name. If necessary,you can change :SOA TTL (seconds) ,Refresh (seconds) ,Retry (seconds) .


4.A new zone will be created and it will be populated with an NS record with the appropriate NS1 nameservers: dns1.p06.nsone.net,  dns2.p06.nsone.net,  dns3.p06.nsone.net,  dns4.p06.nsone.net.


5.New Record .Set up the basics of your record here — you can do additional configuration after creating a basic record.Enter a subdomain within the yourname .com zone. You may enter ‘*’ as the first component of the subdomain to create a wildcard record.




7.In ‘Zones’,you can see your domains.



1. The NS1.com platform includes built-in, integrated monitoring that gives you control over what assets to monitor.click’Monitors’.


2.New Monitoring Job.You could choose Job Type ,Job Name ,Regions (Amsterdam ,Dallas ,New York ,Singapore ,San Jose),Frequency (Minimum: 60 sec).


3.Your Monitoring Jobs.Click a monitoring job to edit its basic settings, see more details about the current status of the monitor, and review historical data.


Configure NS1.com  as secondary DNS

1.You can use NS1 as a secondary DNS provider, slaved to your primary DNS server.You must configure your primary DNS server to allow AXFR queries fromxfr01.nsone.net (


2.You will need to manage your records on your primary server, and will only be able to deliver STATIC records.


3.Once the zone syncs, all the records you have configured on your primary server will appear in the zone in your NS1 account.If a zone transfer fails, the zone enters a “warning” state.


He.net Slaving from NS1

1.In the NS1 Portal, navigate to the zone you want to slave.


2.And click to enable Zone Transfer .Please allow zone transfers from slave.dns.he.net (


3.In He.net ,click ‘Add a new slave’, configure your hosts to use xfr01.nsone.net ( as the master.


4.Slaves for this account. Allow slave.dns.he.net to AXFR.Domains within this section are not editable. He.net pull the zone from NS1.com nameservers specified.



IF you are using BIND for your primary nameserver,you might add a snippet like this to your configuration file:

zone "myzone.com" IN {
    // slaved from xfr01.nsone.net
    type slave;
    file "/var/lib/bind/myzone.com.db";
    masters {; };

One important consideration when slaving from NS1 is that  AXFR does not support slaving any of NS1’s advanced functionality and configuration information, including ALIAS records, Filter Chain configurations, answer metadata, and other details.

DNSPOD Free DNS services-Unlimited Domain Names,Record And DNS defense attack

DNSPod was founded in 2006,And devotes itself to professional research in the field of DNS for 8 years, so DNSPod own the perfect resolution system –professional, high-speed, stable and safe.

Up to now, DNSPod has 700,000 registered users, 3,000,000 domain names. And handle more than 17 billion DNS requests each day.DNSPod primary goals are DNS security and qualified DNS services.

DNSPOD allows you to add unlimited domain Names and unlimited record,And the DNS services are Real-Time Effective.This tutorial will show how to host your Domains on DNSPOD.

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What is DNSPOD?

DNSPOD mostly proud is the DNSPod DNS Server and DNSPod DNS Protector.Over 436 servers are providing services at the same time including more than 370 gigabit- level DNS servers, 60 ten gigabit-level servers, and 10 cloud cluster nodes.

DNSPod is the top of its profession.DNS attack detection and defense technology can detect and defend against DNS attack in real-time. The capability of defense attack is able to attain 200G per second.

Start your DNSPod journey

1.Go to DNSPod Websites:https://www.dnspod.com/,And Click ‘Register’to create an account.In the registrar page, please enter your email address and passcode.

2.In DNSPod Operation ,click Add domain name to add your domains.

3.When you enter the domain control panel, the relevant DNS servers for your domain name will be shown on the dashboard.Free DNS:a.dnspod.com,b.dnspod.com,c.dnspod.com

4.How can the domain name registered in Godaddy use DNSPod?Go Godaddy domains control panel,click the domain name you want to modify, and then click the Nameservers on the top of the page.Choose Custom, and then click Add Nameservers on the down left corner.

5.Please wait for it going to effect patiently.PS, Modifying DNS server takes 72 hours at most to go into effect.

How to add A Record and CNAME Record?

1.How to add A record?In the host record field, please add sub domain name.Type of record is A.

2.Type of line.Default:It is necessary. Otherwise, only through specified line can users visit your website. Search Engine:The spider grabs the appointed server IP.

3.How to add CNAME record?In the host record field, please add sub domain name. Type of record is CNAME.The value of record is domain name directed by CNAME. Please enter domain name only.

4.DNSPOD also support for A Record,CNAME Record,MX Record,TXT Record,URL Record,SRV Record,AAAA Record(ipv6),NS Record.

How to implement load balance via DNSPod?

1.If you have many servers and you need to distribute the flow to each server, you can make use of DNSPod load balance to help you do this.

2.For example ,If you have 3 U servers and 3 Te servers, and you want to achieve the aim of distributing the flow from U visitors to U servers and the Te visitors to Telecom servers, you can set like this.


Using high quality DNS is so important to the redundancy of a website. Howsvps recommend using 3 different DNS providers to ensure your website is fully redundant. DNSPOD is one of Choices .