host1plus VPS Review-Affordable & Quick VPS Hosting RAM 256 MB Only $2.00/mo

If you have outgrown your shared hosting account, which is often indicated by things like slow loading website, frequently down website due to exhaustion of resources available, etc. you will have to start considering moving up to the next level of hosting, namely Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting.

Host1plus, is a hosting provider company that was started in 2008 that offers affordable and reliable hosting service. Their VPS Bronze plan, costs $2.5 per month for hosting in USA and Germany.

The provider offers 2GB storage and 500GB bandwidth with its starter pack, which is really surprising.You can decide the plan according to your requirement looking at the kind of traffic it gets.

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What is host1plus ? is a division of D. E. Technologies Ltd., registered In England & Wales,whch is an outstanding company which delivers a platform to allow you manage the virtual environment very easily.

ost1Plus has three offices, London (UK), Kaunas (Lithuania) and Frankfurt am Maine (Germany).Their Germany Data Center based in Frankfurt with’s own Data Center.Brazil Data Center based in São Paulo with Equinix.

When choosing a location, you should consider the proximity of your target market to a specific location, as the distance between the server and the user affects your website loading time albeit minimal.

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Host1Plus VPS Hosting Plans

Host1Plus has 4 different plans – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The plans are differentiated in terms of server resources – CPU, RAM, HDD/SSD and bandwidth.if you will choose another location – Brazil, South Africa or Germany, the price might vary and will be higher.

Host1Plus’ shared hosting plans start from just $3 per month. The shared hosting plans go as high as $9 per month for which everything is unlimited.

The supported Operating systems are Fedora, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Suse. The one provided to us came with Debian 7 Wheesy.

Host1Plus VPS Performance

HOST1PLUS accepts payments via Debit/Credit card, PayPal, AliPay, WebMoney, CashU, Paysera.Host1Plus makes use of Dell servers only 16-32 GB RAM, Hard Drives of 15K SAS, the two Quad Core Xeon Processors.

Here is Bronze Plan Benchmark  which got a 428 index’s score.

Final Word

Host1plus is reliable and old in the market. Host1Pus VPS hosting is really affordable for everyone who is looking for a professional yet stable servers for their websites.

You can get up to 15% (in case of share dhosting) and 11% (in case of VPS) discount by simply going for longer billing cycles. Host1Plus also keeps running different discount offers.

BandwagonHost VPS Review -Cheap SSD VPS 256 MB RAM Only $2.99/m

BandwagonHost is self-managed SSD VPS hosting Provider, They are owned and operated by IT7 Networks Inc. IT7 has been in operation since 2004.They offer cheap SSD VPS ,which run on KiwiVM, a secure control panel developed in-house.

The location of the server where is hosted was determined as: San Francisco, United States.BandwagonHOST’s new Florida location is online. All nodes at this location come with RAID-10 SSD storage.

BandwagonHost VPS is charging monthly And $2.99 is the mininum mornthly payment .

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BandwagonHost Price and Packages

There are 6 packages provided by Bandwagonhost .For instance, The VPS 10 GB SSD RAID-10 Disk Space,256 MB RAM,500 GB Transfer is $2.99 USD Monthly.They accept Paypal, Credit Card and AliPay with 30-day money back guarantee.

Create a VPS on BandwagonHost

Step 1 The first thing you will need to do is signup for a BandwagonHost VPS.

Step 2  Then Go to “My Services ”-“Order New Services”.

Step 3  Click “Order Now ”. There is BandwagonHost VPS KiviVM.

BandwagonHost VPS Review

BandwagonHost’s Network is fast and has enough bandwith to all locations I need.

Their control panel (KiviVM) is great, clear and offers a lot of features.

My conclusion

The support of BandwagonHost is very friendly and great.I cannot say anything bad about BandwagonHost.They quickly respond to support tickets.

BandwagonHost additional IPv4 addresses are charged at $1 each per month. Instant rDNS update is available in BandwagonHost from control panel.

All BandwagonHost VPS come with tun/tap already activated. See more Cheap VPS hosting  just like:

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Vultr VPS Review-How to Build a VPS on Vultr

Vultr is relatively new to the VPS market . Its main virtualization technology is KVM and all their node servers are using SSD.At the time of writing Vultr has a total of 14 different data centers around the world.

In this article I will giving short introduction (or may be review) about what is and what do they offer. Vultr VPS benchmarks are very impressive and they have a few unique features that some people may find advantageous.

Vultr are offering a $50 free trial only for new customers.This $50 is valid in 2 months usage :Free Vultr servers-VULTR $50 gift code for new account Linux & Windows VPS.

Create a VPS on Vultr

Step 1 The first thing you will need to do is signup for a Vultr VPS. And  you’ll need to add fund in your account credit (balance).

Step 2 Once you have an account setup , You could Deploy New Instance.Choose “Compute Instance.”

Step 3 Then choose in which location you’ll deploy your server to.They have data centers in each of the following cities: Chicago Illinois, New Jersey, Dallas Texas, Atlanta Georgia, Miami Florida, Silicon Valley California, Los Angeles California,  Seattle Washington,  London UK, and Paris France etc.

Step 4 Next you need to choose a Server Type.There are CentOS7 ,OS Stable ,Debian,FreeBSD,Ubuntu,Windows.

Step 5 Finally ,click on “Deploy Now” to get your Vultr VPS up and running.You can add startup scripts and SSH keys,enable IPv6.

Step 6 Once it is up and going you should get an email from Vultr.You’ll be redirected to the My Servers page.

Vultr VPS review

VULTR was found in 2014 (less than 3-year-old) and is a child company of Choopa, LLC. VULTR has the highest performance to price ratio, has the most geographic choices, and supports custom operating systems.

I recommend the excellent performance of several European and American vps.I had already chosen VULTR/Chicago before seeing these benchmarks.The result is:

VULTR VPS offer support of Windows VPSs at an additional cost or if you have your own license you can create your own disk image and upload it.


Vultr has faster CPUs but slower SSD and a slower network. It’s easier for the VM on the server to find 1 free CPU than it is to find 4 underutilized CPUs.I found a great site for testing the network speeds in North America.

Vultr VPS has good speeds on their servers, and now they have finally fixed the network speed in the Netherlands.Vultr’s approach to backup is better but still weak. Vultr keeps that last two backups and performs a backup daily : Vultr VPS-Cheap SSD VPS Hosting 768MB RAM only $5/m in 14 locations.

Free Vultr servers-VULTR $50 gift code for new account Linux & Windows VPS

Vultr VPS is a product from Choopa, an established colocation & dedicated server provider. Vultr provides cheaper SSD VPS compared digitalocean . I have used VULTR VPS service for over 2 years and i really like a service from VULTR.

All Vultr VPS system and data center are now using latest generation Intel Chipset with maximum RAM deploy up to 64GB and 24 CPU Cores and 10Gbps Network Port Speed. currently offer promotions that are similar to free trials.

Before registering an account at vultr, you can read my Vultr VPS-Cheap SSD VPS Hosting 768MB RAM only $5/m in 14 locations to know why it is a great choice for you.

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Gift Code:50for60

Try Vultr Free $50 for 60 Days

Try Vultr coupon code, Vultr gift code June 2016 :50for60 . Free $50 for new account, this $50 is valid in 2 months usage. This event applies only for new accounts, so you must register new one to use.

Click link to reg a new account. Then you must add your credit card to verify.After actived account, you can have more 2 USD free by sharing VULTR to facebook and Twitter.With this $50 free, you can use for 60 days.

Vultr will verify your account with a small pre-authorization charge to your credit card but this will disappear from your statement within a short amount of time.Then You can Choose Server Location.

How to use Vultr Gift Code ?

Step 1: Once you login to Vultr, go to the Billing tab on the top. And pay minimum $5 to receive $10 for free. There are three payment options:Credit card \Paypal \Bitcoin .

Step 2: Once you have finished the payment. You enter the Vultr coupon or Vultr gift code in: “Redeem Gift Codes and Coupons”  and click on Apply button to recieve $10 for Free.

How to install Windows in Vultr VPS (Windows Custom ISO) ?

The cheapest Windows plan with Vultr is $23 with 1 core and 1GB. Then it’s $39 for 1 core and 2 GB and so on. Vulter allowed you to upload your own iso image,If you have your own server license, you probably don’t wish to use the providers.

Step 1:  Prepare Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 10.  ISO file.You must slipstream the VirtIO drivers into the installation CD. if not, when you install os, it could not file the hard drive.

Step 2: Upload the ISO file to Vultr.At the deploy page, you can choose custom.Click view console, The installation begin.


Vultr now offers $10 in account credit for every new verified account. Just sign up, follow verification procedure and Get $10.You may cancel your account and purge your data at any time by opening a support ticket.

Vultr are offering a $50 free trial only for new customers.But Attentively ,they can continue charging you if you forget to spin down your instances after 60 days, and the offer is not usable for anybody without a credit card.

Vultr VPS-Cheap SSD VPS Hosting 768MB RAM only $5/m in 14 locations

Vultr is a cheap unmanaged VPS hosting provider with datacenters in 14 locations worldwide,including the United States, Japan, Britain, France and Germany, etc.. The Vultr platform allows you to easily implement a cloud infrastructure with the click of a button. offers different cloud services: compute instances ,Block Storage, Dedicated Instances. Instead of utilizing randomly assigned public addresses, you can now deploy cloud servers with designated IPs from your reserved pool.

The VPS hosting is charged according to the hours used and $5 is the minimum monthly payment.Deploy a cloud server today for as low as $0.007/hour! In terms of payment methods, they supports credit card and PayPal.

Get started by visiting:

Price and Packages

There are 8 packages provided by Vultr .For instance, if you buy the service monthly you need to pay $5/mo, $7/mo,etc.As soon as your order is placed, there deployment system takes over and spins up your instance in your desired data center, typically within 60 seconds.

Server Locations

It is has 14 server locations around the world. Mostly in USA,Europe region and one in Australia and other in Tokyo.To test Vultr download speed, choose the one closest to you.

Vultr VPS Performance

The benchmarks are great way of determining whether a VPS server is delivering the performance you are paying for. Detailed IO, Bandwidth and overall UnixBench scores are given below.There are low end plans against a comparable match on other clouds.

There are Vultr VPS mid range plans against a comparable match on other clouds.

My Vultr VPS Review

VULTR similar plans like DigitalOcean, but they have increased their smallest plan from 512 MB RAM to 768 MB of RAM. I also ran the same benchmarks on Vultr servers located in United States.

their normal (performance series) 1 core 768MB RAM server:


In terms of their reliability, I have to give them a 5/5. Their servers are simply rock solid. Their servers and networks works really good, with fast servers, and high uptime.If you are looking for an unmanaged VPS that is cheap and powerful at the same time, look no further Vultr is you best bang for the buck. But, if you don’t have knowledge of servers or don’t have enough time to setup your server on your own, you should buy a Managed VPS.