Openshift Free PHP, MySQLand phpMyAdmin Hosting-512MB RAM and 1GB disk

OpenShift is a platform-as-a-service from the open source leader, Redhat.OpenShift’s hosting platform makes it easy to run container-based web application in the cloud, and it has a free tier, which has enough power to create a WordPress site.

Openshift Hosting free account doesn’t have a time limit  and it doesn’t require a credit card to sign up.For a free account with OpenShift, you get 512MB RAM and 1GB storage. You can use your own domain name for your WP site.

You can host a WordPress website free of charge on OpenShift, an open source PaaS service by Red Hat. It’s truly free and can be set up using your own domain name. The free hosting is good enough for small or personal sites without big traffic.

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Create An OpenShift account and Application

1. OpenShift is just a PAAS like many others,comes with a free plan of 3 small gears.Small gears provide 512MB RAM and 1GB disk quota under the free plan.You need to get a OpenShift hosting account, which can be signed up for free.

OpenShift website:

2.Just go to Openshift website and register using your email, no credit card is required.

3.Log in to the online console of OpenShift.Choose Applications from the top menu.

4.Choose a type of application.Choose a web programming cartridge or kick the tires with a quickstart.

5.After clicking on QuickStart its start a new page where some essential settings for your QuickStart, Enter your application name, OpenShift will automatically register this domain name for your application. You can add your own domain name later.

6.After setup, it’s open a page where you find your credentials. Please make note of database credentials for your application.

Get Your Openshift WordPress Up

1.You’ve started a WordPress application on OpenShift ,but it’s still not completely configured.We need to configure the necessary options. Choose Applications from the top menu.

2.Click on your app’s public URL given at the top.

3.Open your Blog URL and its open WordPress Famous Five Minute Installation.

4.Setup All Setting:Site Title,Username,Password,Your E-mail.

5.Click on the ‘Install WordPress’ button. WordPress should greet you with success!Your Blog is now Ready to Show.

6.Congratulations for successfully setting up your free WordPress blog.Openshift WordPress WP admin web interface .

Openshift Mysql and PHPmyAdmin

1.Openshift WordPress is composed of cartridges – each of which exposes a service or capability to your code.

2.Click PHPmyAdmin 4.0 to add to you Openshift WordPress .

3.Go back to application page,You can see PHP 5.4 , MySQL 5.5 and PHPmyAdmin 4.0.

4.Once it’s installed, launch it, you will be asked for MySQL username/password.Managing a MySQL database with phpMyAdmin.

Attach Your URL In OpenShift WordPress Blog

1.On your app summary page, next to your URL, there’s a small link “change”. Clicking on that link will take you to a page where you can set up your own domain name.

2.Then, you need to set up a CNAME record with your DNS provider.

3.Go to WordPress Dashboard and select Settings >> General. Change WordPress Address(URL) and Site Address(URL) with your new domain.

Connect to OpenShift server with putty (ssh)

2.First download PuTTY and PuTTYgen: PuTTYgen and generate an SSH-2 RSA key with 2048 bits.

3.Then,Open OpenShift settings page to add your newly generated Key.Click on Add new key… button.

4.On next page, you paste your public key .

5.Open your WordPress Application page which was created in the previous tutorial.Copy Source Code.

6.Now open putty and past it there.

7.Go to Connection -> SSH -> Auth and set Private key file for authentication.

8.Now save putty session and connect to OpenShift application.

Connect to OpenShift server with Winscp

1.OpenShift requires rch setup for communicating with your OpenShift application but it’s difficult to step for a newbie to setup this using git. Using below steps, you can setup SFTP in the easiest way.

2.Open winscp:File protocol-sftp(select from dropdown),Hostname: your  SSH Address,Username:your username for openshift(the full email id),Password: your openshift password you use to login.

3.Private key: select the .ppk file (generate by putty key gen) for authentication.

4.After login,you can drag and drop your war files and do whatever you want in the servers directory.Everything will be live updated and deployment will be reflected live.


Now, you’ve a fully functional WordPress website that’s hosted for free on Openshift and you’ve full access to your gear in case you want to access anything. OpenShift suggests installing a WordPress plugin that stores all media files to a third party service such as AWS S3 or Dropbox.

By default, such emails will have a sender address like, which tends to be delivered to people’s spam folder. OpenShift suggests using third-party email services such as SendGrid (can be signed up and used for free) to handle emails.