Vultr VPS-Cheap SSD VPS Hosting 768MB RAM only $5/m in 14 locations

Vultr is a cheap unmanaged VPS hosting provider with datacenters in 14 locations worldwide,including the United States, Japan, Britain, France and Germany, etc.. The Vultr platform allows you to easily implement a cloud infrastructure with the click of a button. offers different cloud services: compute instances ,Block Storage, Dedicated Instances. Instead of utilizing randomly assigned public addresses, you can now deploy cloud servers with designated IPs from your reserved pool.

The VPS hosting is charged according to the hours used and $5 is the minimum monthly payment.Deploy a cloud server today for as low as $0.007/hour! In terms of payment methods, they supports credit card and PayPal.

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Price and Packages

There are 8 packages provided by Vultr .For instance, if you buy the service monthly you need to pay $5/mo, $7/mo,etc.As soon as your order is placed, there deployment system takes over and spins up your instance in your desired data center, typically within 60 seconds.

Server Locations

It is has 14 server locations around the world. Mostly in USA,Europe region and one in Australia and other in Tokyo.To test Vultr download speed, choose the one closest to you.

Vultr VPS Performance

The benchmarks are great way of determining whether a VPS server is delivering the performance you are paying for. Detailed IO, Bandwidth and overall UnixBench scores are given below.There are low end plans against a comparable match on other clouds.

There are Vultr VPS mid range plans against a comparable match on other clouds.

My Vultr VPS Review

VULTR similar plans like DigitalOcean, but they have increased their smallest plan from 512 MB RAM to 768 MB of RAM. I also ran the same benchmarks on Vultr servers located in United States.

their normal (performance series) 1 core 768MB RAM server:


In terms of their reliability, I have to give them a 5/5. Their servers are simply rock solid. Their servers and networks works really good, with fast servers, and high uptime.If you are looking for an unmanaged VPS that is cheap and powerful at the same time, look no further Vultr is you best bang for the buck. But, if you don’t have knowledge of servers or don’t have enough time to setup your server on your own, you should buy a Managed VPS.

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