Vultr VPS Review-How to Build a VPS on Vultr

Vultr is relatively new to the VPS market . Its main virtualization technology is KVM and all their node servers are using SSD.At the time of writing Vultr has a total of 14 different data centers around the world.

In this article I will giving short introduction (or may be review) about what is and what do they offer. Vultr VPS benchmarks are very impressive and they have a few unique features that some people may find advantageous.

Vultr are offering a $50 free trial only for new customers.This $50 is valid in 2 months usage :Free Vultr servers-VULTR $50 gift code for new account Linux & Windows VPS.

Create a VPS on Vultr

Step 1 The first thing you will need to do is signup for a Vultr VPS. And  you’ll need to add fund in your account credit (balance).

Vultr VPS add fund in your account credit

Step 2 Once you have an account setup , You could Deploy New Instance.Choose “Compute Instance.”

Vultr VPS Choose Compute Instance

Step 3 Then choose in which location you’ll deploy your server to.They have data centers in each of the following cities: Chicago Illinois, New Jersey, Dallas Texas, Atlanta Georgia, Miami Florida, Silicon Valley California, Los Angeles California,  Seattle Washington,  London UK, and Paris France etc.

Vultr VPS choose in which location you’ll deploy your server to

Step 4 Next you need to choose a Server Type.There are CentOS7 ,OS Stable ,Debian,FreeBSD,Ubuntu,Windows.

Step 5 Finally ,click on “Deploy Now” to get your Vultr VPS up and running.You can add startup scripts and SSH keys,enable IPv6.

Step 6 Once it is up and going you should get an email from Vultr.You’ll be redirected to the My Servers page.

Vultr VPS redirected to the My Servers page

Vultr VPS review

VULTR was found in 2014 (less than 3-year-old) and is a child company of Choopa, LLC. VULTR has the highest performance to price ratio, has the most geographic choices, and supports custom operating systems.

VULTR has the highest performance to price ratio

I recommend the excellent performance of several European and American vps.I had already chosen VULTR/Chicago before seeing these benchmarks.The result is:

VULTR VPS benchmarks

VULTR VPS offer support of Windows VPSs at an additional cost or if you have your own license you can create your own disk image and upload it.

VULTR VPS offer support of Windows VPSs at an additional


Vultr has faster CPUs but slower SSD and a slower network. It’s easier for the VM on the server to find 1 free CPU than it is to find 4 underutilized CPUs.I found a great site for testing the network speeds in North America.

Vultr VPS has good speeds on their servers, and now they have finally fixed the network speed in the Netherlands.Vultr’s approach to backup is better but still weak. Vultr keeps that last two backups and performs a backup daily : Vultr VPS-Cheap SSD VPS Hosting 768MB RAM only $5/m in 14 locations.



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